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Mistress Scarlett Black Specialises in Strapon / Pegging /Anal play, Edging, Electrics, Cock & Ball Torture, Facesitting, Queening, Corporal Punishment, Feet and boot worship , Taboo  role pay 

This is not an Exhaustive list, if there is something that is not mentioned here, please enquire.

Act as objects (cars, furniture, etc),  Arrested, Boss, Interrogation Scene, Kidnap Scene, Interrogator, Maid, Medical Scene, Nurse, Pet Roles, Pony Girl, Secretary, Student, Torture Victim, Corporal Punishment, Cane, Cat (no knots), Crop, Leather Paddle, Paddle, Spanking, Whip, Wooden Hair Brush, Wooden Paddle.


Act as objects (furniture, etc), Age Play, Bathroom use control, Blindfolds, Boot worship, Chauffeuring, Crawl on 4’s, Cross Dressing, Curse words (Whore, Slut, etc), Curtsy in public, Dom chooses food, Eye contact restrictions, Foot worship, Coerced Cross dressing,  Coerced dressing,  Coerced exercising,  Coerced nudity,  Coerced masturbation,  Coerced prostitution (pretend),  Coerced to be a slave,  Coerced to wear a leash,  Coerced to wear see thru clothes, Golden shower, Kneeling, Maid services, Mask,  Pet roles (act like a dog, cat, etc, Scolding, Spitting in face, Serve as ashtray, Serve as toilet, Serve as waitress, Shave head, Shave body hair, Shave pubic hair,  Slap face, Spanking (public), Speech restriction, Stand in corner, Suck pacifier, Swallow , Take Pictures, Take Video, Verbal Abuse,  Wear Collar everywhere, Write on Body (slut, sissy, worthless, etc.)


Blindfolds, Breasts, Gag, Cage, Chain, Chastity Cock binding Belts, Genital, Harness, Hoods, Immobilization (short time), Immobilization (long time),, Leather cuffs, Leather restraints, Mask, Mind, Mouth bits, Nipple Clamps, Rope, Scarves, Shackles, Spread bar, Steel cuffs, Steel restraints.


Abrasion, Asphyxia, Branding, Choking, Clothes Pins, Cutting, Electrics (muscle stimulant unit), Face slapping, Genital (weights), Genital (clothes pegs), Genital (pins/needles), Genital (rope), Genital whipping, Hair Pulling, Hot wax, Ice, Fire and Ice (same time), Medical scenes, Needles, Pinching, Rape Fantasy, Slap Face, spitting,  Sleep deprivation, Electrics (EROSTEK PES Violet wand), Tickling, Tit (weights), Tit (clothes pins), Tit (pins/needles), Tit (rope), Tit (vise),  urethral sounds.

Sexual D/S

Anal, Anal beads, Anal plugs (small), Anal plugs (large), Anal fisting, Anal (vibrator/dildo), Chastity play, Cock Worship, Forced bi-sexuality,Facesitting, Masturbation, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Financial domination,  orgasm denial , Sexual denial  Vaginal fisting, Vaginal Toys,Edging Voyeurism (watching other play)Watersports , orally or through a vessel .Chastity play, JOI


Boss, Interrogator, Aunty, Police officer, Secretary, Nurse, Mother, Chastiser, Head Mistress, Etc 


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