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I've just been msgd by a person who was very important for my awakening/exploring pervy side & making the leap from fantasy to reality & will always be special...

It's inspired me to write about my 1st experience, finally after months of searching & reviewing a few Mistresses & having the bottle (it was a number of years ago) a Strapon Goddess was 2 pop my cherry... There were a few who fit my criteria re looks, age, other kinks/interests (no angry girls or plastic posers playing a roll - I wanted a true dominatrix) but I knew from the moment I saw a picture of her smoking a cigarette & thrusting forward a shiny black strapon, I'd found the right one!

I was nervous as hell as I waited for the phone to be answered, but that soon melted as the warm friendly voice greeted me & in moments I was blurting out my long desired fantasy. I made an appointment for the earliest convenient day, and she was happy to see me at her house as access to her dungeon facilities wasn't great. All the way down the motorway I was fighting to concentrate on driving as my excitement grew with every mile closer.

I pulled up at the spot ChavNav stated was my destination shaking with nerves & noticed a sign in the car in front of me saying "Naughty Person on board" I laughed at it & myself... Definitely in the right place hehehe. The door was opened by a Curvaceous Vision in Black Leather Thigh boots & a blue Nurses smock, which rode up beautifully as she walked into the house revealing mms of bum... All thoughts of asking her to change into a leather or latex outfit (as per my fantasy) evaporated as my kinky brain cell went mental with this new combination...

After probably too much nervous chatter & a smoke, that I knew she was watching me perving on as she exhaled every time from wickedly sexy lips, Mistress took charge, ordering me to strip naked & get on the sofa... She pulled on her beautiful black rubber cock & buckled the leather harness (which I eyed appreciatively - MMM quality & heavy duty - Yes I'd made the right choice) She strutted around as she finished her cigarette, asking if this was what I wanted, teasing me with her cock & smoke... I nodded vigorously "Oooh Yes..." She fixed me with a look both powerful & intensely seductive, "Yes Please, Mistress" I corrected myself.

She came to the sofa & helped me adjust position pulling my legs over my head. She smiled, "Flexible aren't we? That's good, I'll be able to get in nice & deep..." Her voice trailed off in a husky whisper as she pulled on a pair of examination gloves & began to lube my ass... As I felt her practiced finger enter me ecstasy & reality slapped me either side of my head (WOW it's happening finally) & I began rushing... As more fingers joined the 1st stretching & lubing my wanton hole, Mistress spoke reassuring, encouraging, exciting as tingles pulsed through me.

Then it was time... That Awesome Thick Black Rubber Cock pressed against my hole... I looked up at the Goddess as she held me firm & entered me... I couldn't tell you if she actually had a look of deviant delight as she worked her strapon into me, but that's how I like to remember it as my fantasy became reality... As my ass accepted inch after inch Mistress smiled down at me, power & revelry in her eyes as she positioned herself more comfortably & began to fuck me slowly.

Her thrusts were slow, gentle but firm, filling me ever deeper... Fantasy, Ha, Fuck that, This was So Much Better... She pulled out almost completely then more firmly pushed her full length inside me. I moaned as she held there, so deliciously full & my prostate had begun throbbing against her cock. I looked up to see a satisfied smile on Mistress's lips, "We'll just let you settle, nice & stretched, then I'm going to give your arse a good fucking!" My grin felt like it went all the way round my head... "Yes Please... Hard & Deep Mistress!" I half mumbled as she pulled out & added more lube 2 her cock...

She started with slow thrusts, driving the full length of her thick rubber cock into me, each a little hard than the last... I moaned & thanked her as she asked or told me how I liked it... I swam through waves of ecstasy surfacing now & then as My Strapon Goddess pounded me faster or slower, varying her depth a little before giving me deep, hard, deeper, harder deliciously full thrusts... As 1 headgasm cleared I momentarily enjoyed the joy on Mistress's face before the next took me

After what seem like several hours twisted in minutes & minutes twisted in hours Mistress brought me back gradually slowing to a sensual fuck... She looked even sexier now & I could smell all of the good time for everyone scents in the air thick enough to drink! I couldn't thank her enough for the Amazing & Beautiful life affirming experience, which she graciously allowed me to do for much longer than was necessary!

But I will again ;-) Thank You for All you did for me & my Kinky Life...
You will be treasure always Mistress Scarlett-Black xx

« Scarlett Black

Posted on 15th March 2017


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